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About me

I am a Weymouth, Dorset based abstract artist, who is currently in process of studying.  I strongly believe that being creative is important to one's own personal development and since pursuing my education in Contemporary Fine Art, the process has assisted to unlock my conceptual mind.  Drawing observations from life experiences and interpreting what I have learnt, while plucking impressions from the more mundane aspects of life.  Relating back to life in South Africa and realising the cultural divides, while focusing on cultural similarities rather than differences.  Using these sources as a platform to creativity, translating thoughts and feelings as a visual narrative.  

I have found my natural aptitude for painting which permits an exploratory approach to abstract forms of lines, pattern and collage.  Forming relationships between the raw, expressive mark making process and the formal relation of lines and stripes.  Using various media consisting of what is at hand, like Acrylic, Oils, Emulsion and Spray paint.  I allow my paintings to form organically to present their own visual language while trying not to dictate the final work.  This creates a sense of freedom and vibrancy.  


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